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Which workouts count?

Any sport/activity that can be quantified. For instance, a cross country race through the hills can be logged on Motus. Though, it would be difficult for a soccer player to log their data after a game (unless they track every step, I'm not one to judge).

Sponsor limit

Athletes are currently limited to one sponsor

Fitness tracker → Strava

Each athlete should use Strava to log their statistics to verify the details of their workout

Google sheet access

Athletes and sponsors must save the google sheet as it's only accessible after filling the Forms (for functional purposes)

Username consistency

Ensure that you consistently use the same username/name, starting from the initial Form you fill before participating in Motus


Promoting any social movement falls in line with Motus' mission. From climate change to animal rights– everything matters and you choose what you believe matters most (athletes choose the movement and sponsors scroll through athletes to choose which one to sponsor based on the movement(s) they want to support).


Step one

Locate the Athlete Form on the home page under “I want to be an athlete”— click the link to be redirected.

Step two

Fill out the Athlete Form to participate on the Motus platform as an athlete. Remember the username you input in the form for the future. Enter the linked google sheet listed once you submit the form. Save the linked google sheet in order to retrieve it in the future.

Step three

Once you are ready to workout, open the google sheet and fill in all the relevant sections to you in order for sponsors to select you.
Side tip: Keep in mind, you can always tell friends and family to sponsor you to get rollin'!

Step four

Work out on the date you specified, using the app, Strava, as a standardized tracker to verify your exercise and save the details. Once you complete the workout, make sure to fill the remaining slots on the google sheet.

Step five

You will be notified in your inbox once someone is ready to sponsor you. If nobody takes interest in sponsoring you, no worries! Log your workouts frequently and you’ll eventually catch a sponsor’s attention. As long as you’re passionate, you’ll drive change— that being said, don’t give up now.

Step six

If you’ve been selected by a sponsor and have been notified, email the sponsor (their contact info should be included in the prior email) with a confirmation of your workout using the screenshot of your tracked exercise using Strava. Wait for their response in terms of whether they are finished donating, the amount they've donated, your impact, and any other supporting words they have for your journey.

Step seven

You’re a warrior! You endured sweat to make this planet a better place to live— we thank you for your relentless efforts. We are excited to see you again, whether it be as a sponsor or an athlete! We know you can keep it up, know your motive!


Step one

Locate the Sponsor Form on the home page under “I want to sponsor an athlete”— click the link to be redirected.

Step two

Fill out the Sponsor Form to participate on the Motus platform as a sponsor. Enter the linked google sheet listed once you submit the form. Save the google sheet to retrieve it in the future.

Step three

Subsequent to opening, select an athlete that may have a particular cause, sport/exercise, etc you love/want to sponsor. Once you’ve selected an athlete, fill the sponsor columns and the athlete will automatically be notified in their inbox, informing them they are sponsored. The athlete will receive your email address to contact and send you a screenshot of their exercise once finished (for all of the details). If there are currently no athletes, please check again later!

Step four

Once you receive a screenshot from the athlete, donate to the website they specified and get back to them to inform them you have made your donation.

Step five

Delete your row (including all columns) to ensure you and the rest of the Motus community don’t have to scroll passed outdated/completed/sponsored workouts.

Step six

You’re a warrior! You’ve supported an athlete who’s moving for a cause— we thank you for your generosity for making the world a better place to live in. Stay passionate and we are excited to see you soon, either as an athlete or a sponsor!

Disclaimer: we respect and secure your information (email address) to the best of our ability and are not liable for any unpermitted access.

Please fill out the Contact Form on the "home" page if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Your privacy matters.